Contract SR UX Designer

Auburn Hills, Michigan
Jul 18, 2021
Aug 15, 2021
Position Type
UX / Design Researcher
Full Time
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About DMI:

DMI is a global digital transformation services company that combines technical expertise, business strategy, and a collaborative mentality to challenge our clients to think differently about digital transformation. We believe that digital transformation that is driven by intelligence, both human and artificial, becomes the foundation for the future of digital leadership. We partner with our clients to provide the right tools, resources and guidance to navigate their unique digital journey and create intelligent solutions that help move digital forward.

About the Opportunity:

Role Summary: Brief summary which describes nature and level of work

As a Contract UX Designer you will participate throughout the entire design process from inspiration and research to building prototypes and communicating a vision, bringing to life integrated digital experiences through brand, people, space, products and services. You will work with the product team to conceive, design, develop, test, and launch new products and services, applying design thinking to user experience design.

Role Responsibilities: List essential functions in order of importance; include percentage of time spent performing each function (total should equal 100%)

Design - 80%

· Plan, lead and actively contribute to human centered design activities from framing insights and opportunities to ideating, iteratively sketching and prototyping to creating experiences that bring value to Volkswagen Automotive Cloud customers, business, and brand

· Facilitate design thinking / human centered design workshops and ideation sessions with UX and cross functional teams

· Guide and oversee holistic experience vision (software, and services) and solutions from research to delivery, leading UX team throughout the process

· Lead teams through iterative prototyping - low to high fidelity, based on needs and pace

· Guide and develop scenarios and customer journeys through storyboards, illustrations, videos, etc. to communicate vision throughout iterative design process

· Ensure overall quality of solutions throughout the design process

· Be a strong and passionate voice for the work as we share and present to cross-functional teams and executive leadership

· Share trends, strategic perspectives, concepts with the UX design team and key work partners to further develop Volkswagen Automotive Cloud's strategic opportunities

· Drive conversations about standards, processes and workflows

· Be responsible for delivering UX designs, style guides, final graphics and provide design support to the engineering team throughout the development cycle.

· Provide art direction, designs and creative support for the marketing team.

· Develop and maintain detailed user-interface specifications.

· Act as a source of product knowledge for the broader internal organization.

· Remain flexible to changing priorities, open to new ideas and have the customer experience firmly as the focus

Research - 20%

· Establish and drive a process for conducting usability studies with the goal of gaining a strong understanding and validation of user needs.

· Contribute to the group's shared knowledge of user-centered design and research methodologies.

· Continuously stay current with UX trends in the market, unique design styles, imagery and emerging technologies and introduce these methodologies into product designs.

· Understand user needs through usability studies, focus groups, web analytics and competitor evaluations.

· Participate in user acceptance testing of new products providing feedback to the development team on usability and overall functionality.

· Consult with stakeholders on best practices in customer experience management

· Work closely with product management and other researchers to develop the product roadmap.


Years of Relevant Experience: Minimum years of relevant experience needed to perform the job

7+ years' experience as a designer (e.g. UX designer, interaction designer, design researcher, visual/graphic designer, etc.) creating products, services and experiences

5+ years' experience in design thinking / human centered design methods, research, and tools

2+ years' experience leading design/creative teams that resulted in creating world-class products, services, and experiences




· Bachelor's Degree

· Master's Degree

Specialized Skills: Knowledge or certifications unique to this role



· Effectively work across multiple business units, matrixed environments in influencing and establishing design principals, standards, policies, and coordinating the delivery of multiple projects

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to demonstrate user experience concepts to Product Management, Program Management and Business Leaders.

· Risk and Issue Management

· Ability to analyze and think quickly

· Knowledgeable in techniques to fill in gaps in the scrum process

· Ability to adapt to a changing environment

· Self-motivation and ability to stay focused amid distraction

· Ability to work in fast-paced environments and adapt quickly

· Deep understanding of current and emerging UI/UX processes and technologies and how other enterprises are employing them to drive business to be agile and transparent.

· Experience of graphic design, and digital design and prototyping tools such as Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, HTML/JS/CSS, InVision, Principle, or After Effects.

· Hands-on experience of and passion for building mockups and prototypes, from digital to tangible proofs of concept.

· Experience of working in highly collaborative design teams, or other multidisciplinary teams.

· Experience of working on digital products and services for consumer and business applications.

· Experience of working with software development teams and methods to bring products to market.

· Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to manage multiple projects

· The ability to thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative, and agile environment

· Experience designing and thinking in design systems, not just single-purpose apps

· Experience doing user research and/or working closely and directing user research

· The ability to work with executive leadership and engineering to define product scope and roadmap

· Power to influence peers / managers and build consensus, while dealing with ambiguity

· Ability to function as a bridge across disciplines, such as Design, Product, Engineering, and Marketing

· Knowledge of the German Language

· Business Process Improvement

· Expertise in Digital Transformation

· Experience in human centered design anthropology

Work Flexibility: Physical requirements, travel requirements, work schedule, etc.

· 20% possible travel and long hours as business requirements dictate.