Design Researcher / Senior Design Researcher

Boonton, New Jersey
Jun 11, 2021
Jun 15, 2021
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UX / Design Researcher
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Are you fascinated by what makes people tick? Are you able to get people to open up and share? Does qualitative and quantitative data just pop for you, making it easy to see patterns and separate whats important from the static, and get to the bottom of what people are really saying?

If the answer to these questions is yes, this is a role where you can positively impact millions of patients over the next few years.

We are an intentionally small, focused consultancy working on concept development and refinement for combination products (medicine in a delivery device). Combination products are being used to treat autoimmune diseases, cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, asthma, eye diseases, diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. Smart delivery devices and connected systems are a significant part of our work.

Small but mighty, we dominate the early concept phase of this work. Our team of engineers, clinicians, and businesspeople start from client molecule pipelines and strategies.

Insatiably curious researchers, we understand the nuances of patients, caregivers, and HCPs. Not content to just report findings, we are inventors, compelled to invent useful and usable product and service concepts that differentiate. Because devices can only help if patients receive them, we use our corporate experience to build compelling, data-driven business cases that illustrate the possibilities, inspiring confidence for investment decisions. Many companies may do one part of this, but were unique in bringing these perspectives together around specialty pharmaceuticals.

Our approach is unconventional, the quality of our results turns heads, and weve built a company through word of mouth alone. Clients give us projects that defy simple requests for proposals and easy elevator speeches.

Each project is at the forefront of specialty pharmaceuticals and chronic disease, and there is no right answer to what we do. The right person will feel exhilarated jumping into an unfamiliar disease area, treatment, or drug delivery approach, immersing themselves in the clinical, technical, and commercial aspects of better delivery devices enabling more effective treatments and self-care.

Our team is intentionally small and recognized by our pharma clients as being the best at what we do. Weve been described by clients as mercenaries for value creation and the SEAL team of concept development. Weve set aside jargon, departments, hierarchy, and cookie-cutter approaches, instead favoring nimbleness, cleverness, and raw intellectual horsepower and bandwidth. Laser focus on team and craft lets us continue delivering work that is the envy of the industry at mind-bending speed.

The Insights Manager engages with patient and HCP respondents directly for a large part of this role, as well as our pharmaceutical clients internal team to execute patient centric research studies and workshops, developing a thorough understanding of key disease states and treatment options to bring creativity and empathy to their work. They manage project execution with a high degree of autonomy: using best judgement and intuition to make decisions and adapt the plan as necessary, mitigating risk by seeking feedback and outside sources to fill in knowledge gaps, and communicating findings in a thorough, organized, actionable presentation that maps to project goals.


  • Work with the internal team to understand research goals and objectives to improve delivery devices for chronic disease in homes and hospitals.
  • Use knowledge of design research methodologies to develop research approaches to deliver novel, nuanced insights to improve delivery of medicines for chronic diseases treated with specialty pharmaceuticals.
  • Develop plans to execute agreed-upon research approaches and execute with the team or individually depending on project scope, complexity, and team loading.
  • Collaborate with other Insights Managers to develop creative study activities and execute projects efficiently, contributing thoughtfully to brainstorms and project reviews
  • Create research materials (stimuli, kits, surveys, forms, etc.) and moderate study participants, either remotely or in-person.
  • Analyze qualitative and quantitative data using tools like Excel, Tableau, MiniTab, and MaxQDA to extract findings, working with the team to develop clear so whats from data. Work with outside statisticians to understand quantitative data.
  • Organize collected data in a logical fashion that allows for development of crisp narratives of findings and enables communication of findings in an elegant way that captures nuance, working with the internal team or outside vendors.
  • Provide regular updates to internal team and client during the process, demonstrating a high degree of polish, professionalism, and reliability to ensure needs are met, changes are incorporated, and deliverables exceed expectations.
  • Present findings to client using media, narrative writing, and presentation skills to tell an effective and compelling story.


As a small company, experience, enthusiasm, fit, mindset, and potential are more important than degrees and formal qualifications. Based on our experience, you are a good candidate if:
  • You have a Bachelors degree in a STEM field such as Human Factors, Engineering, Biology/Biological Sciences, Cognitive Psychology, Anthropology, or a related field. Alternatively, you have a clinical background (RN, APN, PharmD, BSPharm). MBA or other postgraduate education is great but not required.
  • You have 0-5 years experience at a design firm, market research firm, human factors consultancy, or device company/pharma. (A more senior role will be created for the right person with more experience).
  • You have directly executed qualitative and quantitative research studies using formalized approaches and have analyzed study data.
  • You take the time to understand how your work fits into the overall study approach and answers our clients business questions, so can see the way forward without a task list. You are proactive, get to work quickly and purposefully, and are biased towards action. You think like an owner, not a renter.
  • You have a grip on the details without getting lost in them. Your knowledge of the details inspires confidence in your findings.
  • Youre an outstanding communicator. People find you engaging in person, confident and respectful in group discussions, and to the point in writing. You are deeply satisfied by elegantly reflecting complexity in tight, data driven presentations that captivate and inspire.
  • You do what needs to be done in order to deliver excellent results that turn heads, and you make sure you own all the details for your work.
  • You dynamically reprioritize as client needs change and research evolves. You naturally look at critical path and risk, managing risks to deliverables in a business that moves faster than Gantt charts.
  • Youre efficient without being hasty. For you, speed, quality, and thoughtfulness are not mutually exclusive. Looking for tools and techniques to be more efficient without sacrificing quality is as natural for you as breathing.
  • You are an agile, quick learner. Youre as comfortable reading blogs as a scientific paper, and constantly scan for new ideas and inspiration. Your knowledge has been built consistently each day, and your commitment to lifelong learning is obvious.
  • You are resourceful and clever. You are introspective, focused on improvement, and relentless in finding new and better ways to do your work and make it more valuable.
  • You are honest and forthright. We work in a regulated industry, and we despise passive aggressiveness and other bad corporate behavior.
  • You are authorized to work in the US (we cannot sponsor any authorizations).
  • You value being in an office with others and enjoy collaboration (this is not a remote position).


These are not requirements for the role, but were always interested in specific skill sets and experiences that are a good fit for our work. We dont expect you will have all of these, but as a small company, we can shape roles and focus for applicants with the following types of experience that can have an outsize effect on our work:
  • Experience with contextual inquiry, ethnography, other formal research (remote or in-person), journey mapping, co-creation, or other human-centered design approaches
  • Experience with formative human factors studies, task analysis, and root cause analysis
  • Experience researching topics around infusion, oncology, chronic disease, patient education, or specialty pharmaceuticals
  • Experience at professional services or consulting firms (market research, user research, human factors research)
  • Experience with medical device development teams; strategic marketing or product management experience at a medical device company (especially disposable devices)
  • Both corporate and start-up/small company experience
  • Experience with analysis tools such as Tableau, MiniTab, Excel, or MaxQDA

  • Your work makes a meaningful difference in patients lives youll meet them everyday and have the satisfaction of seeing your work used to improve their outcomes in tangible ways.
  • You can shape a growing company. Your impact is limited only by your ability to help see, shape, and build the future.
  • You will learn and grow. The pace of development at Matchstick is far faster than at other companies, and youll be pushed by our team and clients, both of which are world-class.
  • We offer health and dental coverage and cover 70% of your premium (including partner/family coverage), comparable to many much larger corporations.
  • We offer a portable Health Savings Account you keep the money in your account if you leave Matchstick, unlike most larger corporations where you lose unused funds.
  • We provide three weeks of personal vacation time from the start of your employment and paid holidays, as well as the annual company shutdown during the last week of each year to spend time with family before the start of the New Year.
  • We have a 401(k) plan and end-of-year profit sharing, based on your performance and contribution to the company.
  • We offer access to discounted auto/home/renters insurance through NJ Manufacturers.
  • We offer cash referral bonuses to candidates we ultimately hire.

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