NAGPRA Project Specialist

Riverside, California
$53,056.08 - $85,357.44
Mar 19, 2021
Apr 18, 2021
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The NAGPRA (Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act) Project Specialist reports to the University Librarian who is the University administrator assigned responsibility for facilitating the daily implementation of NAGPRA (Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act) and CalNAGPRA, especially as amended by AB 275, and curatorial projects in compliance with the related regulations in support of the UCR Chancellor’s Designee and the UCR NAGPRA Repatriation Coordinator. The Specialist also has a dotted reporting line to the NAGPRA Repatriation Coordinator and the UCR NAGPRA Collection manager.

The Project Specialist has four broad areas of responsibility:

1. Assisting the UCR Repatriation Coordinator in all aspects of the work of consulting with tribes, setting up meetings, managing all required documentation, producing the official NAGPRA/CalNAGPRA preliminary inventories, inventories, summaries, submitting the formal NAGPRA and CalNAGPRA notices, and complying with the requirements of AB 275, especially in regards to producing new inventories of all of the Native American collections, both archaeological and non-archaeological, held by the University of California, Riverside;

2. In consultation with the University Librarian, oversee the return of all of the human remains and - as time permits – non-human samples from the UCR Radiocarbon Laboratory Collection to the responsible institutions;

3. Assisting the Director of the Archaeological Research Unit in inventorying the Native Human Resource Management System 1 of 6 3/16/2021, 2:07 PMAmerican artifacts in the UCR Anthropology collections;

4. Collaborating with the Special Collections and University Archives in the inventorying of all of the Native American archives, artwork, and artifacts from the Costo Library of the American Indian and other Native American collections held by the UCR Library.

The Project Specialist is responsible for reviewing, analyzing and synthesizing available data from scientific, anthropological, historic, and traditional forms of knowledge to inform cultural affiliation determinations and ensure compliance with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act in consultation with the Repatriation Coordinator, the Chancellor’s Designee, and the UCR NAGPRA Committee.

The Project Specialist will work in tandem with the University Archivist who will arrange and describe the records of the UCR Radiocarbon Laboratory and the predecessor laboratories whose records and samples had been transferred to UCR upon the closure of those earlier laboratories, including the University of Chicago Radiocarbon Laboratory files and samples of Willard Libby, the UCLA Radiocarbon Laboratory Records and Samples, UCSD Radiocarbon Laboratory Records and Samples, in addition to the UCR Radiocarbon Laboratory Records and Samples proper.

The NAGPRA Project Specialist will communicate with and negotiate the return of samples from the UCR Radiocarbon Laboratory Records and Samples to the responsible institutions or independent researchers who had sent the samples to the UCR Radiocarbon Laboratory or its predecessor institutions. If the samples are non-human and not covered by either NAGPRA or CalNAGPRA, the NAGPRA Project Coordinator can arrange with the responsible institution or researcher destruction in lieu of return of the materials following all appropriate federal, state, and local regulations for the disposal of such remains.

This appointment will end May 1, 2023 with the possibility of extension based on funding and operational needs to complete the project.