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University of Cambridge, Department of Archaeology

Social Anthropology at Cambridge is a leading centre globally in anthropological teaching and research. Both in the UK and beyond, a large number anthropologists teaching in major university departments received their doctoral training here, and the current faulty members are engaged in some of the most innovative frontline research in the human and social sciences today. We have a cosmopolitan body of teaching officers, each one at the forefront of their field. Their research ranges across the world and focuses on a broad range of topics. We are also fortunate to bring together an ever-changing group of extremely talented post-doctoral researchers, many of whom work on projects hosted in the Department, or hold research positions funded by research councils or at Cambridge colleges. The Department of Social Anthropology is part of the Faculty of Human, Social and Political Science, and includes as a sub-department the University’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. The Department is also home to the Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, a highly successful centre for research on Mongolia, Tibet and other parts of that region. We work closely with the Centres of African, Development, Gender, Latin American, and South Asian Studies, and with colleagues in the Faculties of Divinity and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.

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  • This employer does prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation/preference.
  • This employer does prohibit discrimination based on gender identity/expression.
  • This employer does not offer health insurance benefits to eligible partners.
  • This employer does not appear on the AAUP list of censured institutions.

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