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About University of Houston - Comparative Cultural Studies

The Department of Comparative Cultural Studies (CCS) at University of Houston is an interdisciplinary department offering degree programs in Anthropology (BA, BS, MA) Liberal Studies (BA, BS), Religious Studies (BA) as well as undergraduate minors in Anthropology and Religious Studies. Collaboration across these programs enhances the strengths of each and encourages cross-cultural learning and understanding. 

Students in CCS explore the historical and ongoing production of cultures and the ways in which cultural differences affect the political, social, economic and aesthetic relationships that shape human communities. CCS prepares students to understand and apply a comparative approach to cultural difference and change in a globalized world.

In CCS, we are engaged in creating a shared space for interdisciplinary research and practice that includes community-engaged public scholarship and cultural preservation in Houston and the Gulf Coast Region.  As a department, CCS enhances the comparative cross-cultural opportunities available at UH by bringing together Religious Studies, Liberal Studies and Anthropology. 

CCS provides students with the foundation for lifelong learning, and the intellectual tools for a wide range of careers — in education, research, media and communications, business, the non-profit sector, government and policy-making, law, healthcare, and various other professions.  

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