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Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

In 1989, the leaders of Hong Kong saw a need to build a new, research-focused university to support the city’s future ambitions—to become not just the financial hub of Asia, but also a center of knowledge advancement, economic growth and influence in the Pearl River Delta Region, leveraging Hong Kong’s unique status with China who just recently opened to reforms.

The herculean task—building an institution with global ambitions from the ground up—soon attracted a group of high-spirited scholars from around the globe, who embraced the challenge with open arms and started what would become the eventual Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

“I am proud to see that HKUST has not diverted from the mission its founders have bestowed upon it – to create, and not to replicate; and to assist in the economic and social development of Hong Kong and beyond.”

-Professor Wei SHYY, President, HKUST

Today, HKUST has risen through the ranks and become a global powerhouse in tertiary education as a result of our continuous pursuit of excellence in everything we do, leaving its mark in life science, engineering, business education, humanities and social science, and much more. 

Innovation is in our DNA, and we welcome everyone to join our cause to change peoples’ lives for the better—as long as you are willing to defy the odds and push yourself beyond your limits to make a difference.

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  • This employer does offer health insurance benefits to eligible partners.
  • This employer does not appear on the AAUP list of censured institutions.

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