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  • Overhead angle photo of attendees walking over the

    Beyond the Anthropology Department

    • Feb 12, 2024
    • Aaron Leo, PhD, Assistant Director of Research, NYKids

    Aaron Leo discusses his participation in a workshop session entitled “Beyond the Anthropology Department” at the 2023 AAA Annual Meeting in Toronto. The purpose of the event was to describe the pathway he took to his current position with NYKids, a state-funded research group housed in the School of Education at the University at Albany. 

  • How To Successfully Adopt an Associate Dean

    • Jun 5, 2023
    • Ruth Colloredo-Mansfeld

    Advice for cultivating more impactful collaborations with university administrators.

  • Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming Department Ch

    Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming Department Chair

    • May 15, 2023
    • Ashley Bruckner

    We spoke to a few Department Chairs from our Department Services Program (DSP) about things they wish they knew before becoming chair. Read about finances and management practices, the stress factors involved, and how to cope!

  • The Captivating and Curious Careers of Anthropology

    • Jan 22, 2021

    Discovering the bow of a ship underneath the World Trade Center, helping corporations understand how people's identities show up in technology or working in a think tank looking at social relationships in the workplace... it seems anthropology is everywhere these days.

  • Employment Opportunities for Anthropology Doctorate Holders

    • Jan 22, 2021

    In 2017, the unemployment rate of anthropology PhD graduates was only 2.5%...

  • Academic Jobs for Anthropologists Outside of Anthropology Departments

    • Jan 22, 2021

    To collect data on the job market for anthropologists, we turned to our online career portal...

  • Career Development Webinars

    • Jan 22, 2021

    Tips and tricks from anthropologists on how to advance your career in the private and academic sectors.

  • Postdoctoral Application Advice

    • Jan 22, 2021

    Obtain application advice and materials when applying for a postdoc position.

  • Academic Tenure and Promotion Resources

    • Jan 22, 2021

    Read AAA's guidelines and resources for your academic promotion.

  • Join a Section and Participate

    • Jan 22, 2021

    One of the best parts of joining the AAA, is that you get access to exclusive membership in one or more of 40 specialized sections and access to all section journals.

  • The Changing Face of Anthropology

    • Jan 22, 2021

    The American Anthropological Association’s Committee on Practicing, Applied and Public Interest Anthropology (CoPAPIA) surveyed a non-random sample of Masters graduates in Anthropology...

  • Participate and Advocate

    • Jan 22, 2021

    Stay involved and advise emerging anthropologists.