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What Can You Do With an Anthropology Degree?

Written by: Ilana Kowarski
Published on: Apr 3, 2023



Photo credit: iStock. Three people standing in a circle laughing and holding tablets.


If you're fascinated by people and interested in answering big questions about what makes us human, then a career in anthropology might be for you!

Brian Wygal, an associate professor of anthropology and director of environmental studies and sciences at Adelphi University in New York, says someone who earns an anthropology degree typically graduates with numerous marketable skills. "Anthropology graduates are equipped to think critically, understand and appreciate diversity, and understand many dimensions of humanity," Wygal wrote in an email.

Anthropology degree-holders say their education can lead to various types of jobs, including both research-focused positions and roles that focus on the application of knowledge.

Anthropology grads who are interested in and skilled at conducting research can find research jobs with a variety of employers.

"Google, Facebook, Intel, and Microsoft hire anthropologists to study market trends, human behavior, and technology," Wygal says, adding that the federal government also employs anthropologists as researchers.

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