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Financial and Network Support

Published on: Jan 22, 2021

Financial and Network Support
Image credit: Ed Liebow (image cropped to fit)

Access resources for financial and network support at the following links:


Find fellowship opportunities and offerings.


Find section mentorship opportunities and mentoring sessions.

AAA Summer Internship

Each summer, AAA offers two internship opportunities funded by member donations. Internships are six weeks in length and usually extend from early July through mid-August. Internships are unpaid, however they are provided housing and a meal/travel stipend.


AnthroGuide is a fully searchable reference of anthropologists within universities, colleges, museums, non-profits, government agencies, and businesses. The online version of the AnthroGuide allows you to search for organizations by name, location, degrees offered, available internships, field schools, and more.

Find an Anthropologist

Use AAA;s interactive search tool to find out about the work anthropologists do around the globe.

Join a Section

One of the best parts of joining the AAA, is that you get access to exclusive membership in one or more of our 40 specialized sections and access to all ~30 section journals via AnthroSource, our digital database.

Section memberships enhance the benefits of AAA by providing access to specialized leadership and mentoring opportunities, a close-knit community of anthropologists, and of course access to their special events at the AAA Annual Meeting.