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Career options: Biomedical anthropology offers a pathway to public health

Written by: Jennifer Micale
Published on: Dec 13, 2023

Photo credit: Pixabay. Electrocardiogram lines going through the earth on a faded blue background.

Binghamton University alumna Sarah Walker didn’t know much about the impact of lead poisoning until she landed a position at the Broome County Health Department. Now project director of their HUD Lead Hazard Reduction Program, she is deeply familiar with lead’s lasting impact on children: permanent developmental delays, organ damage, learning difficulties and more.

Walker earned both her MA in biological anthropology and MS in biomedical anthropology in 2008, completing both a thesis and an internship in the field. The two coincided: her thesis concerned a project she worked on during her internship with the health department on physical fitness in local schools. The relationships she built also led to her current career, along with the skills she mastered in the anthropology program.

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