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Business (Anthropology) is Booming!

Written by: Ashley Bruckner
Published on: Apr 12, 2023


Biz Anthro

Image description: Title "Business (Anthropology) is Booming!" with subtitle "apply your anthropological training to the business world and go beyond the boardroom." Logos and specialties from left to right: Practica - Strategic Insights; Intel - Artificial Intelligence; Nissan - Car Automation; and Plastarc - Workplace Design.


Did you know that Fortune 500 companies hire anthropologists? Business anthropologists provide unique insights into organizational and customer needs in order for high profile businesses to thrive.

Business anthropologists engage in these three general subfields: organizations, marketing and consumer behavior, and design. Through applying anthropological methods and theories, business anthropologists help corporations adapt to changes in operations in regard to strategic insights, artificial intelligence, car automation, workplace design, and more. Business anthropologists provide a unique and fresh perspective to how both businesses see themselves as well as their customers. If this sounds like it might be right for you, be sure to check out the podcast Business in Anthropology with Matt Artz- AAA member and business anthropologist specializing in design anthropology! Also, Career Spotlight: Melissa Cefkin - a practicing anthropologist working at the crossroads of technology, business and mobility.

Business (anthropology) is booming! Check out business anthropology careers on our ACE Job Board today!