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Academic Tenure and Promotion Resources

Published on: Jan 22, 2021

Academic Tenure and Promotion Resources
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AAA Guidelines for Tenure and Promotion Review: Communicating Public Scholarship in Anthropology

These guidelines are intended to assist tenure and promotion committees in assessing the quality of new, public forms of anthropological scholarship that are not typically accounted for in existing guidelines. We define public scholarship as that which is in dialogue with non-academic as well as academic audiences, and that is informed by anthropological scholarship and knowledge. Read the final recommendations and access the full report here. 

AAA Guidelines for Evaluating Scholarship in the Realm of Practicing, Applied, and Public Interest Anthropology for Academic Promotion and Tenure

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) recognizes the growing number of anthropologists who identify as practicing, applied, public interest, or engaged anthropologists. Departments of anthropology and their home colleges are thus challenged with documenting and evaluating the scholarly nature of this type of work in faculty promotion and tenure decisions. Accordingly, the AAA offers the following guidelines developed for departmental and college T&P committees for the evaluation of scholarship in the realm of practicing, applied, public interest, and engaged anthropology for consideration in tenure cases and promotion to associate and full professor.

AAA Resource Panel for External Tenure and Promotion Review and External Program Review

The AAA Resource Panel for External Tenure and Promotion Review and External Program Review provides names of individuals available to serve as Academic Program Reviewers for applied, practicing, and publicly engaged departments. 

AAA Statement on Electronic Publishing

Developed by the Committee on the Future of Print and Electronic Publishing.

AAA Guidelines for the Evaluation of Ethnographic Visual Media

Developed by the Society for Visual Anthropology.